India  is  known  as  a land of  temples and from times immemorial, the entire social life of ancient India revolved around the temples. The temples were not just a place of piety and prayer but were the social meeting  grounds  for the surrounding populace. Temples were and still are an intricate part of our cultural and social tapestry.
Temples built in different geographical areas and at different periods of history depicted the architectural style and historical eminence of that particular period. We have thus inherited the varied architectural grandeur of different eras in form of our temples and it becomes our social and cultural obligation to ensure the protection and preservation of our temples.
Southern India is known for its temple towns which played a very crucial role in the social and cultural development of this part of the country. Each temple has its own history and is linked to the patronage of the rulers of the times. Kerala is dotted with temples, big and small throughout its length and breadth and life is centered around these places of worship.
The land of Kerala, believed to be created  by Parasurama from the sea has temples which date prior to Kaliyuga. Legend has it that the holy idols of Sree Muthukulangara Temple along with Sree Poonrathyreshya Temple were installed by the Pandava Prince Arjuna.

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